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Get valuable information straight from the source

Process Audit and Diagnosis

Process Auditing and Diagnostic Analysis and are two of the best tools to obtain valuable insights about the performance of processes. They allow information to flow freely across all organizational levels, as information can go directly from the bottom into the Top Management, via the Audit Report, without having to cross every intermediate player.

The results and insights allow Top Management to weigh priorities, take decision in record time, and address the most urgent issues properly.

These exercises provide a valuable and unbiased snapshot of the current situation and insights on the effectiveness of strategies.


Get feedback from your teams and processes

Teams should embrace audits, not be afraid of them

INSI’s auditing methodology and trainings are based of the industry best practices and the International Standard ISO 19011. We offer a wide range of services:


Training or workshop for Management System Auditors

Customized internal auditors training and workshop based on the ISO 19011:2018


Organizational Performance Diagnostic

We provide an overall analysis of the organization’s performance, identifying major gaps and issues and providing valuable insights on how to tackle them.


Management Systems Process Audit

Our auditing expertise includes the following Management Systems: Quality, Environmental, OHSAS, Food Safety, Data Privacy, Anti-Bribery, etc.


Accompaniment throughout External & Certification Audits

External audits, particularly Certification Audits, can be challenging. We will accompany and prepare your staff to perform their best before, during, and after the audit takes place.

Our team of experienced auditors, certified by the AQS (American Quality Society), will use their outstanding interpersonal intelligence, knowledge, and skills to provide you the best possible audit experience and results.

Learn more on how INSI can help your Auditing needs! Contact us!

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