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Continue to develop your organization core capabilities and skills. Prepare your staff to innovate how they face new challenges and implement solutions. Flexible schemes allow for on-site and remote sessions.

Our custom made trainings, courses, workshops, and evaluations will expand and strengthen your ability to identify gaps, improve processes, and maximize your resources. 

Whether you intend to grow your process auditing team, implement new standards and initiatives, or certify your management systems we will provide the best training according to your needs.

INSI's proven methodology and approach adapts to best fit your staff profile, from top management to operational personel.


We customize the duration, frequency, and intensity 

so your staff gets the most out of  each training session

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Developing your top and middle management competences is probably the most effective and efficient way to improve your whole organization's performance.

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Our on-site management trainings focus on bolstering current strengths while delivering new and valuable knowledge that will inmediatly translate into positive results.

A wide range of subjects allows you to select those areas where improvement is need.

As not to disrupt your operation, we can merge two or more subjects into one single training event.

Behaviour & Performance Management

Change Management

Coaching & Leadership - Workshop

Lean Six Sigma

Process Management

Project Management

Quality Function Deployment - QFD

Risk Management

Root Cause Analysis & Corrective Action

Supply Chain Management

5 S Methodology - Workshop


Empower teams to obtain valuable insights on deficiencies and organizational performance. They will be able to evaluate and assess current status and generate information that flows quickly to the decision-makers.

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Based on the industry best practices and the ISO 19011 -Guidelines for Auditing Management Systems-, we deliver the essential knowledge and develop the skills to proficiently audit your processes. 

Strengthen your root cause and gap analysis to exploit the information obtained. 

Combine your training with other standards to develop more robust teams.

ISO 19011 - Interpretation & Fundamentals

ISO 19011 - Lead Auditor

ISO 19011 - Internal Auditor

Root Cause & Gap Analysis

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Whether you are aiming to improve your performance or implement a specific management system in a subject, our vast experience under international best practices and standards provides a bullet-proof approach.

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Our dynamic and practical trainings offer you a wide range of standards to choose from. 

We will provide relevant specific examples and insights of your industry so your staff can start using their learnings right away. 

Combine your training with other standards to develop more robust teams.

Anti-bribery & Corruption
  • ISO 37001 – Anti-bribery Management Systems

  • ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Systems

  • ISO 14040 – Life Cycle Assessment

  • ISO 14064 – Greenhouse Gases

  • ISO 50001 – Energy Management Systems

Food Safety
  • Distinctive "H"

  • HACCP - Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points

  • ISO 22000 – Food Safety Management Systems

  • FSSC 22000 – Food Safety Management Systems

  • FSSC 22000-Q – Quality and Food Safety Management Systems

Information Security & Privacy
  • Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Entities – LFPDPPP (Mexico)

  • General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR

  • ISO 27001 – Information Security Management Systems

Health & Safety
  • ISO 45001 – Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

  • OHSAS 18001 – Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

  • ISO 9001 – Quality Management Systems

  • IATF 16949 – Automotive Quality Management Systems

  • NMX-R-051 – Advertising Agencies Quality Management Systems

  • ISO 31000 - Risk Management Principles and Guidelines

  • ISO 31010 - Risk Assessment Techniques

Social Responsibility & Diversity
  • ISO 26000 – Social Responsibility

  • SA8000 - Social Responsibility

  • NMX-R-025 – Labor Equality and Non-discrimination

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We have the experience and capabilities to develop a tailored made training event that meets your needs and requirements.

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INSI has more than 25 years of experience helping almost every industry improve their overall performance. 

From marketing agencies to oil & gas companies, from strategic planning to turnover reduction, we have done and see it all.  

We will develop and deliver the specific content and coursework your organization is needing for.

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