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Turn customer satisfaction into long-lasting customer loyalty

Customer Satisfaction

Planning, designing, producing, distributing, marketing, and delivering valuable products and services that meet your customer’s requirements is incredibly difficult. We understand you cannot make everybody happy and its even natural that some customers will eventually leave you, but not knowing why this is happening after all your hard work is unacceptable.

Do not wait until your customer cannot stand you, your product, or your service any further to take action!

If you do not measure your customer satisfaction, you cannot know who is unhappy. And, if you do not know who is unhappy, there is no way you will figure out why they were unhappy to begin with.


If customers leave you faster than you can acquire them, your business model is doomed, sooner rather than later, to fail. As a rule of thumb, acquiring new customers is 5 to 20 times more expensive than keeping your current customers with you.

Fruit Stand

Learn the likes and dislikes, make changes, adapt, and succeed

Satisfaction is NOT simply the absence of frustration. 

Directly asking your customers for their feedback is the most effective way to let them tell you about what they like and dislike about your products and services, what they believe could be improved and what should be scrapped all together.

Identify what is aching them and implement changes to turn those detractive and passive customers into promoters of your organization.

We are certain, satisfied customers are your best salespeople, as they will share their positive experiences among other potential customers. In addition to customer retention, repeating customers tend to spend more as trust is built.

As an outside and unbiased evaluator, INSI will conduct a customized customer experience and satisfaction survey.


From familiar online surveys to individual and personalized engagements with key players, we will make sure to get the most valuable information out of your customers, the good and the bad.

We will deliver a comprehensive assessment with the most useful insights and recommendations. This information will allow us to jointly define strategies to eliminate flaws and exploit opportunities to continue improving your customer’s experience.

Learn more on how we can help you with your inicitatives and projects. Contact us!

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