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A great working environment shows down in the bottom line

Work Climate Assessment

Our Employee and Work Climate Surveys provide a snapshot of your organization’s status and needs. These surveys can be used to ask employees opinions, identify deficiencies and opportunities, or detect issues in the working environment. Additionally, it’s a great way to let peers point out leaders and suggest useful ideas.

The results provide valuable insights and feedback on how the employees perceive the organization from a holistic perspective. This helps Managing Teams and HR Departments the relationship between their staff and the organization.

College Students in Classroom

The most valuable feedback comes from within

“If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients” – Sir Richard Branson

INSI’s industry-proven Methodology allows us to provide an in-depth analysis of your organization’s current situation while ensuring the confidentiality of all participants. Our inclusive and customizable approach makes for an enjoyable process while enabling employees’ full involvement in the survey.

Assessing the subjective and objective realities of the all leves of the organization allows us to:

 -  Evaluate your company’s programs and practices

 -  Focus on needs and exploit strengths

 -  Identify issues and potential problems

 -  Promote involvement and consultation at all levels

 -  Obtain valuable insights directly from the process owners

 -  Facilitate change and organizational development

Our goal is to help you create a compelling and unique working environment that allows to unlock the full potential of your people, increase your talent retention, and grow your bottom line.

While working together, our Employee & Work Climate Assessment, and  in-depth analysis will lay the foundations for strategies that will inspire loyalty and boost performance and productivity within your organization.

Learn more on how INSI can help your organization perform at its best! Contact us!

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