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"Tradition is a very powerful force" - Dr. John Kotter

Change Management

Surveys are clear, only one in four change initiatives will stand the test time. In 1996, Dr. John Kotter published Leading Change, considered by many as the Bible of Change Management. With his research, Kotter revealed that only around 30% of change initiatives succeed. That number has not improved much since then.

Still today, organizations put in tremendous amounts of money, time, and effort to pursue projects only to realize later that the objective was only accomplished momentaneously achieve, if it was achieved at all.

Usually, the approach is poorly planned, the information is not properly communicated, and the team remains anxious about their role before, during, and after the initiative.

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Embrace change and

use it for your advantage

We have a simple, yet bulletproof motto: “No secrets, no surprises”

Our consultants help you and your team visualize and plan to assure your initiatives are successfully executed, have full support from those involved, and remain implemented long after the project has ended.

INSI's proven Methodology compiles the Change Management best practices from on-field experience to ensure that your iniciative or project is completely implemented and sustained.


We make sure everyone is aware of the urgency and purpose of the project, and clearly understand their role within the scope. Then, we can start to identify possible barriers to quickly eliminate them.


We promote the flow of information to continuously go up and down the project, making sure no issue is left unattended. As each milestone is accomplished, we encourage the momentum to remain high and keep driving the project forward.


By the end, the project is successfully delivered and implemented, a long-lasting change in your organization has started. Additionally, a new and positive organizational culture towards change starts to develop among those involved!

Learn more on how we can help you with your inicitatives and projects. Contact us!

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