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People with a clear goal outperform those without 

Performance Management

Nowadays’ organizations heavily rely on old and inflexible performance appraisal schemes. Where, usually, none of those involve end up happy with the results. Furious managers cannot believe their staff are not performing the way they "should". Usually, these managers fail to clearly define what the goals were beforehand. 

Lousy performance among personnel has little to do with their capabilities or talent, but rather with how the organization engages and motivates them 

Without proper and formal instructions, employees cannot be expected to do things in ways they were not aware of.

Young Women Brainstorming

Unlock your personnel true full potential

INSI successful experience in almost every industry and in all departments, has allowed us to develop a robust Performance Management Methodology. Based on Dr. Aubrey Daniels research, Our Methodology focuses on:

 -  COPQ - Cost minimization

 -  Clearly stablish responsibilities and goals

 -  Identify and address possible issues

 -  Prioritize positive over negative reinforcements

 -  Provide education and training as necessary

 -  Provide continuous coaching and performance feedback

 -  Implement aneffective compensation and recognition system 

 -  Sustaining a challenging, yet enjoyable, work environment

 -  Avoid wasted talent and reduce turnover

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