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Identify your risk tolerance and implement controls where needed

Risk Management

Organizations often ignore the value of proper risk management and believe they are addressing their “loose ends” that may turn into undesired consequences down the road.


The truth is that a complete analysis on the effect of uncertainty on the organization objectives usually reveals that many risks, and even sometimes interesting opportunities, are overlooked.

Risks might be negative or positive, depending of the nature of the uncertainties that are being identified and evaluated

  • A Threat is an uncertainty with negative consequences, which should be mitigated.

  • An Opportunity is an uncertainty with positive consequences, which should be exploited.

Our powerful Methodology, strengthened by the ISO 31000 International Standard, focuses in obtaining useful and practical insights to define and implement effective controls to mitigate or exploit your organizational risks.

Rock Climber Powdering Hands

Take action,

mitigate threats,

and exploit opportunities

We will perform a full Risk Assessment, those with the greatest probability of occurring and greatest impact are dealt with first. Prioritization should be made along the analysis as resources are allocated depending on the treatment and control that is stablished.

After risks have been identified and assessed, risk treatment falls into one or more of these categories:


Eliminate & Avoid






Reduce & Optimize


Retain & Accept

We will help you identify, assess, and stablish appropriate controls or countermeasures to mitigate each threat and take full advantage of opportunities. Join your efforts into a formal and complete Risk Management System

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