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Take decisions to create a net possitive impact

Social Impact

In today’s world, it’s no longer enough for organizations to view their social contributions merely as charities. Increasingly, governments, consumers, employees, and the public are demanding organizations to do more for their communities.

We will help you stablish a decision-making framework which enables you to take strategic choices to creat a net possitive return on your projects and community.

It has become imperative that organizations make sure to effectively contribute back to society. Local and international legislation are pushing organization's business models to integrally benefit their surroundings, by improving the quality of services, availability of jobs, and overall infrastructure.

Teen Volunteers

Promote change,

be a active player in your community

Go beyond social responsibility into meaningful social development

We help our clients assess, implement, and transform their capabilities to deliver meaningful social impact. We develop, along with you, strategies that go beyond the conventional social engagement businesses usually have. Whether it is during a specific project or for your whole organization, we have the expertise to maximize your available resources.

INSI can help your organization stand out even further by enhancing and increasing the impact your social endeavors have by:


Alling your business strategies with the UN Social Development Goals (SDGs)


Social Impact Analysis and Assessment


Social Impact Management


Compliance with international and local legal requirements

Our goal is simple: maximize your company’s positive overall impact across every front.

Learn more on how INSI can help your organization stand out! Contact us!

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