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Strategic Planning

When was the last time your Top Management Team had a proper meeting where every key player was present and engaged?

A meeting where the most relevant issues were discussed, improvement plans were design, and responsibilities where assigned. A meeting where the overall performance of the organization, its department and processes were assessed and excursionized, current and incoming challenges were openly discussed, and ideas brainstormed? Hopefully, it took place not that long ago.

Surprisingly, it is not uncommon for organization to have months, quarters, or even years without any of such meetings, which are crucial for the development and update of their business strategy

The daily difficulties and issues of every organization are usually enough to set them off balance, leaving little room for brief gatherings of few Top Management participants. Usually, there is only enough time to discuss the most aching of subjects and address them in an urgent and not structured enough way.

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Lead the way taking a step back and reassessing

It is imperative for business growth that appropriate time is booked and reserved by every member of Top Management for such meetings.

Although it might seem obvious, the agenda for this meeting should be structured and well design. Everyone’s time in that room is extremely valuable and should not be wasted aimlessly. Therefore, we have developed the ultimate Top Management Strategic Planning agenda blueprint.

Clear information inputs, topics should be set before the meeting starts, and certain outputs should be expected as result of the discussion. Some of the most relevant inputs to consider are:

 -  Status of previous plans and projects

 -  External and internal changes

 -  Performance and effectiveness of each key department and process

 -  Customer satisfaction

 -  Conformity of products and services

 -  Adequacy of resources

 -  Opportunities for improvement

Certainly, during such difficult meetings, personal roughness among Top Management members almost always arises. It is extremely helpful to count with an external moderator to deal with such tough arguments and keep the meeting on course.

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