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Road Traffic Safety Management

Mexico ranks seventh in the world and third in Latin America in deaths from road accidents.

Many times, organizations do not consider accidents that may occur outside the workplace as a relevant factor for the organization's safety metrics

However, any accident, whether during the performance of organizational activities or outside working hours, has negative effects not only on the life of the injured person, but also on the performance of the company, since it affects the efficiency and profitability of the operation, the prestige, leadership and work environment, in addition to generating additional costs.

For this reason, organizations have the responsibility to contribute to the creation of road traffic safety culture.

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INSI can help your organization implement, update and obtain certification of its management system based on:

  • ISO 39001 - Road Traffic Safety Management

Published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 2012, it is applicable to all types of organization and contributes to the UN objectives in terms of reducing accidents, as well as deaths and injuries from traffic accidents.

It contains the basic minimum requirements for the effectiveness of a road traffic safety management system, to avoid traffic accidents, reduce the probability and severity of these types of accidents, comply with legal requirements and continuously improve

Compliance with ISO 39001 cannot guarantee that there will be no accidents, we are all exposed to the risk of a road accident. However, ISO 39001 can help your organization implement appropriate and proportionate measures designed to prevent serious consequences.

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