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Guardia de seguridad



Private Security Operations

Management Systems

The importance of private security companies has increased in recent years. Today they are responsible for ensuring the control of security risks in facilities, operations and processes that are critical for other companies, government institutions and for society in general.

Security in airports, government facilities, power plants, hospitals, manufacturing plants, transportation of people and other assets

These are some examples of the great social benefit that private security companies provide the protection and control of security risks.

Private security companies are especially important in communities or socio-political environments where government security bodies may be weak or non-existent, or the rule of law is damaged due to human, political and economic events, or due to natural catastrophes.

Guardia de seguridad

Implementing ISO 18788 allows the operation of your business to be something less to worry about

Provide your clients with the assurance that their operations are carried out in accordance with internationally accepted good practices, with applicable legal and regulatory requirements, and with respect for human rights.

Go to Standards

Implementing a Private Security Operations Management System that meets all the requirements established in the ISO 18788 Standard allows a private security company to have the security of carrying out in an orderly and systematic manner what is necessary to ensure the achievement of its objectives organizational, the fulfillment of its contractual commitments and the satisfaction of its clients.

Obtaining this certification can be an important competitive advantage with potential clients who are sensitive to this type of recognition when hiring private security services.

  • ISO 18788 - Private Security Operations Management

At INSI we collaborate with Private Security Companies to diagnose, develop, document, implement and ensure the certification of their Private Security Operations Management System, including the training of their personnel.


We offer companies associated with ASIS International Chapter Mexico, the Mexican Association of Private Security Companies, A.C. (AMESP), and the companies related to United Security Groups for a Stable Mexico (ASUME), special conditions for the implementation and certification of their management systems.

                                             so we can better understand your current situation and create a work plan to help your organization!

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