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Anti-bribery & Corruption Management

Corruption and bribery are a worldwide widespreading phenomena.

They increases the cost of goods and services, diminishes their quality, destroys trust on institutions, increase poverty, and interferes with the fair and efficient operation of markets.

Under most jurisdictions, it is illegal for individuals and organizations to engage in corruption acts and there is a growing trend to make them liable for this.  Nevertheless, the law alone is not enough to solve this problem…

Therefore, organizations have a responsibility to proactively combat corruption and bribery. This can be achieved by stablishing a culture of integrity, transparency, and compliance.

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Promote accountability and fail-safe processes 

Go to Standards

INSI can help your organization implement, update, and obtaining the certification of its managing system based onf the:

  • ISO 37001 - Anti-bribery Management

Its main goal is to establishment an anti-bribery culture by providing a practical framework, helping any organization to avoid or mitigate the costs, risks and damage of involvement in bribery. This management system will promote trust and confidence in business dealings, and enhance your organization reputation.

This standard can be used in conjunction and integrated with other management system standards, as well as laws such as the Sarbanes–Oxley Act and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).

Conformity with ISO 37001 cannot provide assurance that no bribery has occurred or will take place as it is not possible to eliminate the risk of bribery. However, ISO 37001 can help your organization implement adecuate and proportionate measures designed to prevent, detect, and address bribery and corruption.

                                             so we can better understand your current situation and create a work plan to help your organization!

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