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Environmental Management

Organizations of all types are increasingly interested in achieving and demonstrating a solid environmental performance by controlling the impacts of their activities, products, and services on the environment, in accordance with their environmental policy and objectives.

Many organizations have undertaken environmental reviews or audits to evaluate their performance. However, these reviews and audits by themselves may not be enough to provide an organization with the guarantee that its performance not only complies but will continue to meet the legal requirements and policies.

To be effective, they need to be developed within an environmental management system (EMS) that is integrated into the organization.

Standards on environmental management are intended to provide organizations with elements of an effective environmental management system that can be integrated with other management requirements, and help organizations achieve environmental and economic goals.

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Caring for the environment is everyone's responsibility and commitment

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INSI can help your organization implement, update, and/or obtaining the certification of its environmental management system based on the requirements and best practices stablished in the following International Standards:

  • ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Systems

  • ISO 14040 – Life Cycle Assessment

  • ISO 14064 – Greenhouse Gases

  • ISO 50001 – Energy Management Systems

Additionally, we can help Oil & Gas service providers in Mexico to fulfill the environmental requirements stablished in the Pemex Annex OHS&E (Anexo SSPA) as part of their contract.

What if your organization is from an industry with terrible environmental impacts?

An organization's environmental impacts are not the most important thing that determines its enviromental performance, but rather how it manages those impacts and takes control of them.



However, it is important to have a plan to continuously improve the environmental performance and comply with applicable legal requirements. It is also important to highlight that this is NOT an impediment to obtain a certification under any regulatory scheme.

An organization may have a perfectly implemented environmental management system and not have an impecable environmental performance.

    so we can better understand your environmental

needs and create a work plan to help your organization!

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