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Reduce waste, minimize errors, increase productivity

Operations & Project Management

Companies nowadays trouble themselves with large and complex projects to boost productivity and improve performance, while they cling on to obsolete processes that slow down their overall output.

Wasted time elimination and resource optimization should be in every CEO’s and Senior Management's top of mind

Our Improvement & Optimization Methodologies quickly and cost effectively deliver enhanced revenues, happier customers, and diminished expenses

– the ultimate goal of business management.

It does not matter what kind of task, activity, process, or team performance you want to improve, we got the tool for you!


Maximize available resources, eliminating unnecessary inspections

What is Lean Six Sigma?

  • Lean is minimizing time and resources needed by identifying and eliminating wasteful, non-value-added activities.

  • Six Sigma is minimizing errors and omissions by applying statistical analysis and implementing changes.

Through our proven Methodology, based on the Six Sigma DMAIC cycle, we will help you enable effective strategies to address waste and undesired variations. When these strategies spread across processes, then cycle times shorten, waste reduces, costs drop, and productivity rises.

We are experts in the strategic implementation of Lean Six Sigma. Additionally, to ensure outstanding operational performance, we have strengthened our Methodology with additional tools such as:

 -  COPQ - Cost minimization

 -  Process Performance Tracking – Balanced Scorecards

 -  Change Management

 -  QFD – Voice of the Customer

 -  Solving Problem Strategies – 8D, A3, “5 Why”

 -  Workplace Organization – 5S

 -  Bulletproof Processes – Poka Yoke 

 -  Just-in-Time – Kanban strategies

 -  High Quality Information System

Lean Six Sigma iniciatives are one of the most effective ways you improve your overall Quality performance. You could formalize your efforts in a complete Quality Management System for your organization.

Learn more about Quality Management Systems

Lean Six Sigma should not have to be an expensive iniciative. Contact us to learn more! 

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